Summer Update 2019

Summer Update 2019

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    Dear Friends,

    Could I share an update with you? There are a number of things that are important (to me, at least) I would love to elaborate on.

    1) Back to the Christian Artists Seminar

    For my Dutch friends (or any, from anywhere, willing to travel to the Netherlands!): on Monday the 29th of July I will be at the 40th year anniversary of the European Christian Artists Seminar in Doorn, the Netherlands. I will give an in depth interview to the founder of this event, Leen La Riviere, and perform a short music set in the evening. I have visited the Christian Artists Seminar several times in the past and it has served as a signpost along the swirling road my career took. Im looking forward to returning and share insights and stories from these experiences!

    2) Back to Albania

    For my Albanian friends, or those who have supported, encouraged, sponsored me over many years: I will be back, with my beautiful daughter Carla Jae, from 20th till 27th of August in your beautiful country! During this time, as well as offering music therapy, we will perform a concert together in Korce. The actual day and venue is still to be confirmed, but it WILL happen!

    3) Back to making music

    Ive been a bit resistant to telling this up till now... but for nearly two years Ive been working, slowly, painstakingly, on material for a new album. As it happens, I guess there are a couple of circumstances that have informed this increasingly rewarding process:

    a) adequate time to develop and bring this to completion

    b) ironically, I have so much material (including very recent, new songs) that I want to include in this, because I genuinely think Im composing / writing / as strongly as I ever have, so I keep adding to the time needed for completion!

    c) An extraordinarily generous, loyal, committed friend of mine has come forward with initial financial support that will enable me to take the whole project forward.

    Ok, so there you have it - an update from, as we say in English, "the horses mouth" (incidentally, I dont think I look anything like a horse...?!)

    There is still even more on the horizon, including another special project that I believe we can share news from in the near future!