Summary of media activity from the past few weeks

Summary of media activity from the past few weeks

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    It has been some time since I have updated you on developments regarding the new book Fierce Love: Music Leads A Lost Child Home.

    First of all, I hope you enjoy the free music that came with it. The three new songs especially. If you have heard them, I would love to hear your thoughts. We are working on some special things regarding the new music. I hope to tell you about it all soon.

    As for the book, here is a summary of media activity from the past few weeks:

    Last month, I was a guest of The Art Of Living, a show on Cross Rhythms Plymouth, talking about my music, work as a music therapist, the intersection of faith and our ever-changing world and, of course, the book. You can listen to it here:

    On the 28th of January I was part of a segment of Sunday Night Live, highlighting the core message of the book and motivation for my work as a music therapist. See the segment here:¬

    Meanwhile, followers in the Netherlands can listen to a recent airing of an interview with Leon van Steensel, who wrote the book with me. The interview is in Dutch and covers his work as a writer and, of course, the process and message of Fierce Love:

    So, much to catch up on! I hope you all stay healthy and, in whatever way possible, connected to those you hold dear. In these trying times, we need the confirmation and embrace -albeit virtual- of each other.

    Much love,