Sheet Music available through the website

Sheet Music available through the website

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    Well, my friends, the time has come at last! I am so happy to report that as of now, sheet music of my songs and projects is available through¬ the website! It has been a long process that is now rewarded with a well of material that allows you to bring the music further, wherever you are.

    For my Dutch friends: you can order my sheet music through Small Stone Media - see the number below).

    To celebrate, we are handing out a gift. Starting today, everyone who posts a video of him / her using sheet music ordered through the site, will receive another piece of sheet music FOR FREE.

    How does this work?

    It is easy. Follow these three steps:

    1) Get you sheet music of choice from the website ( select sheet music in the menu)

    2) post a video (Facebook or Youtube) that sees you or your choir singing from the sheet music. It can be as simple as you singing behind a piano, from your garden, at choir rehearsal... wherever you like!

    3) When posting the video, use the public view setting (so people can share it) and use the hashtag #adriansnellmusic with your description or message.
    We will view your video and share it on the Facebook page as we cross-check with the sheet music orders. We will then get in touch with you to see which piece of free sheet music you would like to receive!

    This campaign will last until October 1, 2019.

    Whether you make use of this offer or not, there is a lot of new sheet music to choose from. Apart from the popular projects like The Passion, Alpha & Omega, City of Peace, The Virgin and Song of an Exile, we have added sheet music for a range of songs that people through the years have asked about.
    We are adding to the catalogue as we speak. Should you seek a specific song, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Small Stone Media (for sheet music Adrian Snell - Dutch customers only): 078-6227547