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This double CD is Adrians second instrumental album. On Part 1 you will find 15 of Adrians compositions, including new mixes and edits alongside much loved instrumental tracks. On Part 2 producer Jon Birch has worked with material from several of Adrians albums to create a whole new experience of his work; the result is surprising, exciting and, frankly, unputdownable!

Released 2001.  Catalogue number SMCD24/25

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Tracklist Poems... Without Words:

1. Coverdale
2. Roads To Zion
3. City Of Peace
4. Moriah
5. The Last Supper
6. O Yerushalayim
7. Night
8. One Of The Stars
9. With The Sun On The Wings
10. Lift Up Your Eyes
11. All Will Be Well
12. Over The City
13. Roads To Zion - Piano
14. Golgotha
15. With The Sun On Her Wings



Tracklist Seven Hills:

1. Beneath These Hills
2. Winter Long
3. Solitude
4. A Dozen Red Roses
5. Weather Warning
6. Mysterious Stones
7. Coverdale (revisited)
8. To The Cradle
9. Mornings
10. Further Shore

Album Track Samples