Performance of The Cry

Performance of The Cry

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    Well, Im...almost (!) speechless! But not speechless enough to say just how thrilled, delighted, overwhelmed I was by last nights beautiful, deeply moving and inspiring performance of The Cry

    Can you imagine how it feels as the composer, all those years ago doing the research, finding authentic childrens reflections and poems, studying the requiem format and liturgy, writing the music., and then recording the album....

    The recording was made here in Bath and at Winchester Cathedral (where the Cathedral choir were recorded) in 1999 and 2000. But we didnt release the album until 2004.

    But still with absolutely no idea how, if, when it might become a work performed live in front of a receptive audience, and knowing that the message behind, within every piece is communicating - deep to deep as the psalmist writes.

    Then we had to wait....believe it or not, a further 4 years until the World Premiere at St Pauls Cathedral in 2008 (guess who was the main man behind that....yes, of course, the wonderful, extraordinary, dear friend, Ed Newell!!)

    And then, largely due to the solo violinist on the album, Rebecca Engstrom, who lives in Kenosha, Winsconsin, USA, The Cry had its USA premiere in 2012, with a further performance in 2015. And in between, one further performance in High Wickam, in 2014.

    And that was it, really, just the 4 performances....until...LAST NIGHT, WINDSOR PARISH CHURCH!!
    And, dear friends, I honestly felt last night a kind of homecoming for The Cry...that under the extraordinary skilled direction of Mark, with the simply sublime, beautiful performances of our soloists, and of course those truly wonderful choirs.....we finally have something that we can more easily offer....anywhere...U.K. / internationally / even, if we get the sponsorship, on another planet ?? (!!!)

    And, perhaps most significantly of all, BEYOND CONFLICT has come into being....and I cant think of an organization, charity, vision that more closely fits with the whole theme of this work.....what a JOY to be able to harness performances of The Cry to something so very necessary, practical, passionate, and NOW...

    Thank you, thank you - all of you, especially Mark Wilde for his simply inspired direction....

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