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Kintsugi - The Art Of Precious Scars - CDs

With Kintsugi, The Art Of Precious Scars British singer-songwriter Adrian Snell presents a musical trilogy with stories that weave through our often broken lives in a variety of ways, offering a glimpse of a better tomorrow through the cracks.

Five years in the making, these three albums offer the listener a beautiful, moving and inspiring musical interpretation of this unique Japanese art form, Kintsugi, where a broken vessel is remade, using ’golden’ glue, resulting in a work of art often more beautiful than the original. And the final appearance is that of an object carrying ’precious scars’, integral to the appearance, and story behind it.

Label Serious Music
Type 3 - CD

Adrian Snell

Title Kintsugi - The Art of Precious Scars The Complete Trilogy

Progressive pop

Release Trilogy: March 2022

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Kintsugi stories

Woven throughout the trilogy are solo piano pieces, representing the ’Kintsugi glue’ and recorded on Adrian’s own beautiful, originally 19th Century, Bluthner Grand Piano.

And either side of these are the Kintsugi stories.

Some are very personal to Adrian:

  • To my Children’s Children, a heartfelt message to his four grandchildren:
  • Breathe, Believe, written in response to the global suffering caused by the Pandemic, Covid 19:
  • The Cradle Fell, Adrian’s reflection, in the context of his work as a Music Therapist, on the painful story that unfolded as he worked with a profoundly traumatised child
  • Kindness, a beautiful, simple, declaration of his longing to see this deeply human and empathetic way of being find the central place in the way we live our lives.

Other songs are Adrians interpretations of stories, unsought, randomly discovered, yet stories so powerful that they became integral to his own journey, and the need to find their rightful place within the Kintsugi Trilogy:

  • Meet me on the Broken Bridge, inspired by a note left on top of a blanket in a basket.with a baby, one week old, underneath:
  • Sanctuary, a musical telling of the extraordinary sacrifice made by a mother who perished, holding on to her child as they were tossed and thrown through the air as a hurricane hit their mobile home (the child survived) :
  • God Forsaken, where Adrian tiptoes into the Garden of Gethsemane, and tries to understand something of, surely, the most dreadful moment in the life of Jesus as he faces separation from His Father during the crucifixion
  • All I Need, a love song drawn from a place of the fear of losing the single person most important to you inspired by two very special people in Adrian’s life.

And further music across the three albums, seeks to interpret, to express, other ’scars’ within, without, creation, the longing for healing - or the hope of healing:

The Earth is Full of Sorrow, Fallen Empire, All Rivers Run to the Sea

But in the end, everything across all three albums, also sings of redemption, or at least the hope, the promise of redemption:

  • Where there is Love, there is Hope:
  • The World to Come:
  • Don’t give up, Don’t give in:
  • Love my Hurt Away

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