Highlights from concert in Hoogeveen

Highlights from concert in Hoogeveen

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    What a wonderful set of weeks it has been. From playing the Fierce Love... Beyond Words concerts in the Netherlands through Zingen in de Kerk with Carla Jae to starting the summer with the renewed availability of sheet music. I hope this summer brings you needed rest and inspiration for the remainder of the year and beyond!

    I feel inclined to share the impression from the latest tour nights again here, as it now leads into a brief return to Holland for the 40th anniversar...y of the Christian Artist Seminar, from July 28th to July 31st in Doorn. This gathering has been a hub of creativity for various disciplines in the arts and it has played a key role in my journey as an artist and music therapist. I could go on about this and along the way share some exciting news... but I will not just yet. After this summer, we will have quite a few developments to share with you.

    In the meantime, have you heard about the special sheet music promotion we have going until October 1st? To celebrate the availability of the sheet music, we are giving some away for free!

    How does this work?

    It is easy. Follow these three steps:

    1) Get you sheet music of choice from the website (see below in the comments for the address: select sheet music in the menu)

    2) post a video (Facebook or Youtube) that sees you or your choir singing from the sheet music. It can be as simple as you singing behind a piano, from your garden, at choir rehearsal... wherever you like!

    3) When posting the video, use the public view setting (so people can share it) and use the hashtag #adriansnellmusic with your description or message.
    We will view your video and share it on the Facebook page as we cross-check with the sheet music orders. We will then get in touch with you to see which piece of free sheet music you would like to receive!