Guest International Artist at 50th anniversary of the founding of JAS

Guest International Artist at 50th anniversary of the founding of JAS

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    Dear friends, so here are some photo memories of an extraordinary weekend in Prague!

    I was so honoured to be invited as the "guest international artist" for the 50th anniversary of the founding of "JAS", the Czeck and Slovak Christian youth choir formed at the beginning of the 1970s.

    Early in the life of this beautiful, courageous choir - courageous given the political climate at the time, the open persecution of Christians under the strict communist regime - I was invited to sing at several events around the country, hosted by JAS and their supporters.

    This led to a truly wonderful, inspiring friendship with their leader and conductor, Libor Mathauser, and a very, very special relationship with all the members of the choir. Over time we sang some of my songs together, and performed Alpha and Omega as a complete work throughout the Czeck Republic and Slovakia.

    So it took no time at all to say an unconditional "YES" when invited to re-unite with the same members for the very first time since the fall of the Berlin Wall and The Velvet Revolution.

    And, amazingly, I found myself performing in exactly the same place, and even position (!) that Id first performed at a service in the First Baptist Church in 1983. And perhaps even more surreal, Libor and several of the church leaders sitting in exactly the same seats in the front row just before the grand piano Id played and sang at all those years ago.

    Once again a truly beautiful weekend that confirmed the timeless reality - true friendship never ends, and music builds lasting bridges between people, countries, cultures and politics and completely stands the test of time.



    Prague 1


    Prague 2


    Prague 3


    Prague 4


    Prague 6

    Selected video clips from the concert

    Night and Day

    The Firefly and the dazzling moon

    The Earth is Full of Sorrows

    Peace Be With You

    Breathe Believe