Feedback from recent album

Feedback from recent album

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    My friends, it has been far too long since I have shared with you all that is brewing here, while we get a steady stream of feedback from the Alpha & Omega release. And what satisfying feedback it is! Id like to share one review in particular. But first...

    Tony Cummings has penned a lengthy review of the new Alpha & Omega 30th Anniversary for CrossRhythms and I honestly do not believe an artist could wish for a better one. A 10 out of 10 is but a number, but it is quite satisfying to see that the spirit of this work and all the labour that went into it, is so adequately and extensively acknowledged! Thank you again, ALL musicians, singers, producers, executive producers and all who worked behind the scenes. This work owes a great deal of its praise to all of you.

    We have listed the highlights of the review here. To read the whole piece, go to

    Tony Cummings Review - Alpha & Omega 30th Anniversary - CrossRhythms

    "Taking the live recordings made at Zwolle, Veenendaal and Rotterdam and with skilled overdubbing, editing and mixing Bainbridge has developed the nuances and dynamics of these remarkable songs and arrangements. Snell has never sung better. Dare I say it, the choir directed by Maarten Wassink sounds ever grander than the All Souls ensemble of the 80s and musically, the album is packed with delights. The goosebump-inducing way the choir enters on "Man Of Sorrows", the crisp bass and drums drive on "I Am The Way" and the delightful soprano sax fill played by Dave Fitzgerald on "Nobody Listens" all impact the listener. In fact, having Iona musicians like Fitzgerald, Bainbridge and Van Essen have ensured that the musicianship demonstrated on the Anniversary Recording consistently surpasses the original. Only the lack of the sublime Joanne Hogg on the album is a disappointment. (...) I must make a comment about the poetry and at times prophetic power of Alpha & Omega lyrics written by Phil Thomson. (...) these are words to touch deeply those who take them to heart. The same can be said of the whole album."