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A double CD featuring Feed the Hungry heart, originally released in 1984, with Father which followed in 1990. Because of the strong connections between these two albums we decided to re-release them as a double CD. Given the many appreciative and positive responses, were very glad we did!

Released 2001. Catalogue number SMCD21

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Father Tracklist

1. Compasssion

2. Ecclesiastes 12

3. Goodbye October

4. Hide Me In Your Shadow

5. Out of the Deep

6. Psalm 139

7. Your Way to me

8. In Pastures Green

9. 09 the Lords My Shepherd

10. Carry Me in Your Heart

11. Pslam 131

12. Compassion (Reprise)

13. Within Me

14. Father

15. They Shall Be Comforted

16. Revelation 21

17 No More Tears


Feed The Hungry Heart Tracklist

1. Welcome to the Circus

2. Take Me Home

3. The Tongue is Fire

4. Only Jesus

5. Cover Me

6. Feed the Hungry Heart

7. Pslam 27 (Wherever I Go, You Are There)

8. Bathed in Neon

9. River, Son and Earth

10 Alpha and Omega



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