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City of Peace

This 2 CD set continues Adrians journey to the Jewish roots of his Christian faith, that began with Alpha & Omega and continued with Song of an Exile. This album showcases the hauntingly beautiful saxophone and flute playing of David Fitzgerald and the wonderful energy of the young Norwegian choir Reflex.Â

Released 1995. Catalogue number SMCD19a/b

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Disk One Tracklist:

1. Prayer for Travellers

2. The Covenant - Lift up Your Eyes

3. Shema (Hear! O Israel)

4. City Of Peace (Instrumental)

5. Over the City

6. O Yerushalayim

7. On a Night of Rain in Jerusalem

8. Night

9. Moriah

10. Day of Atonement - Lamb of God

11. City of Peace (Solo)

12. Feed My Lambs

13. You


Disk 2 Tracklist

1. City Of Peace (Reprise)

2. My Every Breath

3. The Cry

4. Night 2 - Instrumental

5. To Israel In Exile

6. Lion Of Judah

7. The Journey Home - Instrumental

8. Lift Up Your Eyes

9. Children Of The Dream

10. Like A Child That Is Quieted Is My Soul

11. Shalom

12. City Of Peace

13. I Believe

Album Track Samples

City of Peace


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