Buying Sheet Music

Buying Sheet Music

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    Buying Sheet Music - News Article

    People are often asking me if there is sheet music available for their own productions of my music. Im honoured, and delighted, that my work has found such a special place in your heart!

    Weve worked hard to try and make access to this material much simpler....for sure we should have done this long ago...! But we are now able to provide the sheet music to many of my songs and instrumental pieces.

    In some circumstances this has been a fairly complicated ask as the original paper copies were often filed and archived in storage, so needing to be retrieved, copied and edited to an appropriately professional standard.

    In other cases we dont actually have the notation at all - apart from some unintelligible scrawls on an envelope, or beer mat, when inspiration struck unexpectedly!

    In these cases the sheet music will have to be generated from the original recording of the performance - which is not a problem in these digital days of computer aided production - but it takes a little time to do.

    So, in conclusion, if you want to order music from my back catalogue, YES YOU CAN! Were working hard to get as many titles ready for download as we can and the first ones will be on my website later this month.

    When this goes live (and we will announce that here) please browse the website, place your order, and, if it is available, youll get what you want sent straight to your inbox!

    But if a title is not available immediately, well let you know by email that there might be a delay, but you can be assured that we will be working on it!

    Very best wishes,