Alpha and Omega is out and for sale

Alpha and Omega is out and for sale

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    Well, my friends, by now many of you have already received the new album, either digitally or on cd, on your physical or virtual doorstep!

    If you havent yet, rest assured it is on its way. I have finished signing all the materials for the crowdfunders (pictured), just before embarking on a trip to Albania.

    There always is a special feeling when an album is not only finished in terms of working on it, but also knowing it is now being listened to, absorbed, appreciated and maybe even recommended! For me, this has been so worth it. What began with an almost off the cuff remark, turned into a vision to actually do what I had long desired, deep down in my mind: re-record "Alpha + Omega" and bring it closer to my musical vision as it grew along with the times.

    I sincerely hope this music will prove as timely for you as it has been for me all these years. And.. naturally... I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on it! Let us know about your listening experience, your favourite tracks, your impression when comparing it to the original... do share! We make music not just to put it out there, but mostly because it connects us. Leave feedback on this page, email us, maybe even write your own review in a Facebook group or on your page? If youd like, you can direct people to the website where it is available.

    When Im back from Albania, another chapter looms: performing Alpha + Omega live again in the Netherlands! We are visiting three cities on September the 22nd, 23rd and 24th! Tickets are available at