Adrian Snell Israel Music Tour

Adrian Snell Israel Music Tour

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    Adrian Snell Israel Music Tour: 19 - 26 March, 2023


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    One of the first things you are likely to hear from someone who has recently visited Israel, is how aspects of their faith have been profoundly challenged, and brought to life in a new way.

    That was most certainly the case for me.

    During my career I have composed and recorded several major works that explore this spiritual and physical journey. These include: “Alpha and Omega”: “Song of an Exile” and “City of Peace”.

    I’ve been humbled by, and filled with gratitude for, the responses of many thousands around the world to these works. And these responses continue to this day.

    Amongst many other themes, these albums also tell the story of God’s chosen people, the Jewish nation, and His relationship with them during the centuries of exile and finally the return to Israel, the homeland.

    But what does all this mean in the context of ‘our’ faith?

    In partnership with Mideast Tours, we would like to offer you a unique opportunity. A trip to Israel, this extraordinary Land, with visits to many places that hold so very much meaning, both historically and spiritually. But also a trip with my music, in particular from these three albums, woven throughout.

    I honestly believe this will be a ‘once in a lifetime’, unforgettable experience - as much for me as you!

    Will you join me on this, perhaps, ‘life changing’ journey?

    As well as the insights and education we will receive as we are guided by one of Israel’s leading tour guides, and a personal friend, Richard Frieden, this week will bring a new depth to, and understanding of, our faith.

    We will also embrace the extraordinary ‘mixed’ cultures that live side by side in a land populated by people from every continent and most countries.

    We will stay in the finest hotels, eat the most exquisite food, drink wonderful Israeli wine! Our senses will be ‘fed’ like never before; the sights, sounds, tastes and smells we encounter will stay with us for ever…

    Most importantly, may I invite you to contemplate with me the words of Jesus during the ‘Sermon on the Mountain’: “Blessed are the Peacemakers”? At this time of ongoing, irresolvable conflict, might we have a role as peacemakers? What could that role be, what ‘shape’ would it take? And who are the true peacemakers and healers in this torn and broken region of the world?

    In various places on our journey, I will share my music with you, and some of the stories behind them. I will invite you to several intimate ‘private’ concerts at places like ‘The Sea of Galilee’, ‘Yad Vashem’, and

    ‘The Garden Tomb’. Together we will embrace the Jewish roots of our Christian faith in new and profound ways.

    Places on this unique tour are inevitably limited. I’m sending this letter to personal friends and colleagues in the hope that you will be amongst those who make their booking early.

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    Please will you join me?

    ‘Next year in Jerusalem’?!