A huge thank you to friends

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    "Dear Friends,

    Im sitting here, in the heart of Wales, overlooking Gods beautiful creation, next to the sea, reflecting on this last week and "The Passion Unplugged" in The Netherlands. 
    AND its Easter Sunday! So, firstly, a beautiful, blessed Easter to every single one of you.....
    Just a couple of days ago, as we came to Jesus Alive in The Passion, Marielle (van ‘t Veld) sang, so beautifully, the words:
     "Brothers, I have seen The Lord, I have seen a new day rise
    Friends, I have seen The Lord, I have seen the sun in His eyes
    Jesus is Alive, Jesus is Alive, Jesus is Alive!"
    And on this very special day of celebration, these are the words we can proclaim again with such confidence and hope....
    Im overwhelmed with joyful memories of these concerts. Until the day before the first concert, none of us musicians knew quite how our new approach to these songs would sound. And this was because wed never met as a band! 
    But within half an hour of the start of our rehearsals, Frank (van Essen), Jonas (Pap), Jonny (Boston) and I knew for sure this would be something very special...and it was! 
    With the sweeping soundscapes created by Jonas on cello and bass, acoustic and through extraordinary effects processors; the beautiful world percussion instruments, electronic drums, violin and viola from Frank; and the exquisite clarinet and saxophones played by Jonny; we were able to take my music into both intimate, almost classical territory, but also into really new, exciting, progressive blends of different genres. 
    But even with our freedom to explore and experiment with new sounds, the original songs were always recognisable, providing the canvas upon which we painted our musical colours.
    And then our soloists joined us, and finally Maarten (Wassink) and our mass choirs, and as we stepped on stage in Ermelo last Wednesday evening, we had no doubt that this would be a truly beautiful, blessed evening - a feast of music, and storytelling.
    And none of us were disappointed! For sure, our audiences showed their great appreciation in ways that left us in no doubt that wed been able to bring them a truly inspiring, moving and challenging evening. 
    So, a huge thank you to EVERYONE - musicians, singers, Wilco and his sound and light team, E4C, Natasja, my PA, hosts, caterers - for allowing me the freedom to express my journey, my reflections on the most important person and events in the history of the Universe.....since the beginning of time.....
    Love to all,
    Adrian "