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    Im finally able to tell you that a NEW ALBUM is forthcoming! This year marks the 30th anniversary of Alpha & Omega. We will perform the work live in the Netherlands in October and use this for a new, 21st century recording of the project.

    Alpha & Omega shines a light on mankinds constant struggles and conflicts. It has been called a prophetic work in the past, but current events have made the work no less (dare I say even more?) relevant today.

    There are many plans surrounding this recording; some of which will depend on the success of a crowdfunding campaign we will kick off very soon. The best way to be notified as soon as this happens, is by signing up at the campaign page:…/alpha-omega-the-30t…/coming_soon

    During the campaign, participants will have access to a range of unique perks; from unique live recordings, signed cds and much more!